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With over 32 years in the food service industry, John has the knowledge and experience to help you solve your food service issues.

Whether you are developing or expanding your food service area or department, or you are having difficulty achieving your target margins, labor or food cost percentages, we can help you to achieve your goals. We offer real solutions, not pie in the sky renovations, that you can institute easily, quickly and, most important, affordably. We are not a large company with a cookie cutter approach to solving your problems.

Each client has unique problems and needs that are best served by specifically tailored solutions. Below are listed some of the consulting services we offer:

  • Hiring and training staff
  • Recipe and menu development
  • Assessing equipment and space needs
  • Implementing cost controls for food and labor
  • Redesigning work space for increased efficiency
  • Forming or strengthening interdepartmental relationships
  • Locating and tracking losses- breaks, theft, employee meals, etc.


      We would be happy to provide you with references and a list of satisfied



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"In cooking, as in the arts, simplicity is a sign of perfection." --Curnonsky

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